Things to consider about your phone systems when starting a business or office/s

Starting a new business or setting up new office/s can be very daunting and stressful, demanding your focus on various things. To get it correct, you need to source the best deals only after consulting the experts in those fields. Installing a phone system for your business is one such detail that needs your attention. Whether to choose business phone systems in Perth for a small business or a large scale business, is what Telstra Business Centre Osborne Park can help you in deciding. Not only do they help you choose a suitable phone system for your business but also provides with many plans for you to choose from.


Listed below are some of the factors that you should be prepared in advance with, so as to develop a better overview:

  1. Mode of operation – The very basic question is how do you want your phone system to operate? The options include independently working with an individual phone system and local lines at each site, or with a VPN so users connect back to the main office phone system and use the outside lines there.
  2. Phone number presentation – If you are a part of interstate offices, and you require calls made from that office to show the number with a local area code of that state then you got to choose the right plan for it.
  3. Capacity – You need to decide the number of phone lines you have to accommodate for the remote workers.
  4. Redundancy – The concept of redundancy is to have a system to operate as one large system utilizing the internet to do so however if the link goes down it can fall back to their own local lines so users can continue to operate(having a backup option).
  5. Networked systems – Reduce call costs by linking several phone systems together via the internet, allowing you to call staff in other offices by dialing their extension number instead of using outside lines, keeping them free for customers to call in.
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